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Important Regulation

No more than 7 years after first registration year.
No more than 1 year gap between first registration year and manufactured year.

Our City Delivery Service

Destination Vehicle Type / Weights(kg)
Country City / Border Sedan
0 - 1,499
Small SUV
1,500 - 1,999
Large SUV
2,000 , 4,999
5,000 , 9,999
Over 10,000
Kenya Nairobi $ 535 $ 650 $ 986 $ 2,088 $ 3,016
Malaba $ 640 $ 715 $ 1,215 $ 2,215 $ 3,365
Lunga Lunga $ 545 $ 625 $ 985 $ 1,965 $ 2,865
Taveta $ 655 $ 735 $ 1,215 $ 2,215 $ 3,285
Namanga $ 595 $ 695 $ 995 $ 1,995 $ 2,895
Isibania $ 740 $ 815 $ 1,315 $ 2,315 $ 3,465

Terms and Condition

  • Only Customers that use Saffranautos City Delivery Service are eligible for the Repair/ Replacement Guarantee.
  • The Repair/Replacement Guarantee is only valid until the customer receives his/her vehicle.
  • Saffranautos will not guarantee any defects that appear on the car prior to purchase.

Why Choose Saffranautos?

Co-operative Staff

Our professional staff will provide you with deep details and will assist you in every matter related to your dream car.


We focus on transparency to reduce doubts and dishonesty by the provision of genuine data.


We have high ceaseless security on every port to assure you that your vehicle is save.

Fast and Safe Delivery

After the departure from the port, we deliver your vehicle to you safe and sound which usually takes 3 to 8 days depending upon your country.

Save Money

For your convenience you just have pay for the car from Japan, for one time. There is no need to send money to the agents.

Close Ups

To minimize uncertainty, we provide you full details of specifications with the images of cars from every side.

Get in Touch With Saffranautos Kenya Agent

Nairobi Office

[Mon - Fri] 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM

Fortis Towers, 5th Floor Woodvale Groove Street, Westlands Nairobi Kenya.


Saffranautos Kenya (Nairobi)



Mr. Hastings


Hello Guys, I want to say a BIG THANK to Kenya Saffran International Office and the entire Saffran Japan team for the help they gave me when I bought this car from your Company. I got the BMW better than it appeared in the photos with everything intact. I’m recommending Saffran to all my friends and family. Thanks and best regards. Dr. Mr. Hastings




I like buying cars from kenya saffran international! kenya saffran international works by adherering profesionalism, for it is not only operating business, but it also gives necessary advices to its customers as it may be necessary. I trust kenya saffran international.

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