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Important Regulation

No more than 3 years from first registration year for vehicles.
No more than 5 years for pick-ups and trucks, trailers and other heavy duties equipment from first registration year.

Our City Delivery Service

Terms and Condition

  • Only Customers that use Saffranautos City Delivery Service are eligible for the Repair/ Replacement Guarantee.
  • The Repair/Replacement Guarantee is only valid until the customer receives his/her vehicle.
  • Saffranautos will not guarantee any defects that appear on the car prior to purchase.

Why Choose Saffranautos?

Co-operative Staff

Our professional staff will provide you with deep details and will assist you in every matter related to your dream car.


We focus on transparency to reduce doubts and dishonesty by the provision of genuine data.


We have high ceaseless security on every port to assure you that your vehicle is save.

Fast and Safe Delivery

After the departure from the port, we deliver your vehicle to you safe and sound which usually takes 3 to 8 days depending upon your country.

Save Money

For your convenience you just have pay for the car from Japan, for one time. There is no need to send money to the agents.

Close Ups

To minimize uncertainty, we provide you full details of specifications with the images of cars from every side.

Get in Touch With Saffranautos Pakistan Agent

Lahore Office

[Mon - Fri] 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM

I H 233 Falcon Complex, Gulberg III Lahore




M. Awais

(Victory Motors)

“I found your service to be very prompt, professional, and reasonably priced. I have never had access to the information that you have provided; it’s a real eye opener and excellent guidance for me.”


Ahsan Shafique


“Car importing from Japan became easy for me just because of Saffranautos.com. Saffranautos.com Staff is well aware with market conditions and management is always supportive in all the aspects”. My best wishes are with Saffranautos.com. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.


M Adeel

(Moana Azul)

“Saffranautos possesses the largest stock of Japanese Cars and assist me in importing cars without any hassle of shipment issues. The prices are quite affordable.”


M. Fayaz


I am M. Fayaz from Lahore & in car Business since last 10 years. A great experience working with Saffranautos.com. Freight rates are reasonable, delivery time is minimum. I really appreciate the services I received from Saffranautos.com.

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