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Best Selling Japanese Car Models in Japan

Important Regulation

Vehicles imported by residents of Kenya must be no 7 years old to comply with import regulations. Please be sure to select 2011 in the minimum year field when searching for your used cars from Japan...

Saffranautos City Delivery Service offers you total peace of mind! You can get your car at your door, delivered by professionals. It is totally hassle-free. If you use Saffranautos City Delivery Service,Saffranautos Japan guarantees repair/replacement for the following items

  • Engine Oil
  • Alternator
  • Battery
  • Gear Box
  • Wheel Cap
  • Transmission
  • Engine Repair / Replacement
  • Missing Part Replacement
  • Power Windows
  • Lights
  • Water pump
  • Spare Tire / Jack
  • Radiator

Terms and Condition

  • Only Customers that use Saffranautos City Delivery Service via Mombasa are eligible for the Repair/ Replacement Guarantee.
  • The Repair/Replacement Guarantee is only valid until the customer receives his/her vehicle.
  • Saffranautos will not guarantee any defects that appear on the car prior to purchase.

Why Choose Saffranautos?

Hassle Free Car Delivery At Your City

Saffranautos promises you an hassle-free experience of importing Japanese used cars. We will delivery your vehicle to your city and quality is GUARANTEED.

Missing Parts Guarantee

Saffranautos guarantees replacement of any missing parts from your vehicle all the way to your city or border!

24-Hour Port Security

We have 24-hour high level security to ensure your vehicle stays safe at Port!

Fast and Safe Delivery

We clear your vehicle at the port and deliver it to you as quickly as possible, usually between 3 and 8 days depending on your country!

Save Money

You just pay CAR FROM JAPAN one time. No need to send money to the agents in Mombasa Port, we take care of everything for you!

30 Days Free Storage

We guarantee 30 days of free storage at Mombasa Port so you don’t need to worry about storage fees!

Get in Touch With Saffranautos Japan Agent

Tokyo Office

[Mon - Fri] 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM

301 OJ House, Minami Azabu 2-10-13, Minatou-ku, Tokyo, Japan



  • “Saffranautos possesses the largest stock of Japanese Cars and assist me in importing cars without any hassle of shipment issues. The prices are quite affordable.”

    M Adeel

    Moana Azul

  • Aleem worked out first hand to make sure we got exactly what we were looking for. We decided on a 2017 Toyota Land Cruiser. We knew the colors inside and out, the trim package, the features, etc. We told him the max price we would like to pay. He came WELL below that price and we got exactly what we wanted.

  • Very professional, fast and friendly service. Suffyan and Chris go above and beyond to make certain the entire experience of car purchase goes smoothly. We always take new car from them and will continue our purchase. Kudos to Saffranautos.com service department!

  • I needed the automobile immediately, and they were able to get me through the process in a few hours. They were extremely friendly, I'd recommend this dealership to anyone. Extremely professional. My old car basically disintegrated on I-75 after a tire blowout and I was very happy that I chose Saffranautos.com. I love the new Chevrolet Trax I purchased from them. Saffranautos.com is the best.

  • Absolutely amazing service and could not be more satisfied with my purchase. Mr.Aleem was amazing and got me everything I was looking for in a vehicle for a great price and completely hassle free and a very pleasant experience.

  • The car is sooo amazing, the vendor was very very polite and sincere. The car I actually received was much better in reality than it was on paper. I'm so happy with my purchase. thanks Saffran Autos, and more so thanks NBC Corporation.

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