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Online Tracking System(OTS)

What is OTS?

OTS is an online tracking system which is developed to facilitate our customers to check the currect status of their purchase online. our OTS team update the status of every step of each purchase. SiCL ensure the privacy and accuracy , to serve the purpose, we provides unique credetials to access the OTS page.

*should you need any assisstance please contact us through feedback option provided below.

 OTS- this is how it works

 a detailed information on each purchase, including pictures, car condtion, price and all you want to know about your purchase.


 allows you to check the available shipping date to your country. and all other shipping related information is provided.

 Time remains an important factor through out the trade, this function gives you the information on the consumption of the time on each step.


 access your documents in PDF format includes Bill of Lading ,Invoice, inspection documents, export certificate, or any other document may required by our customer to satisfy the custom or registration process at his end.


 give us you feedback its very important and valuable to us, we always need feedback (amendment) online

 OTS- online Tracking System allows customer to get all the answers regarding his /her purchase wihtout even asking. we update the current status right after each step taken on our side.

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