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Women More Willing to Negotiate 01-09-2014

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Women are now warming up to the negotiation process. According to a survey conducted by, more women car shoppers than men prefer to negotiate with a car dealer. In fact, a third of all women participants say it makes it a fun process compared to just a quarter of men respondents. Whats more, 22.7 percent of men say they have learned to do it, but really do not like it compared with 17.5 percent of women. However, more men look to negotiate a higher dollar value off the MSRP of the vehicle -- 81.3 percent of men said they look to negotiate $2,000 or more off the price, compared with 63.8 percent of women. And 20.7 percent of women said they look to negotiate $1,000 off the price, compared with just 9.9 percent of men. Why is negotiating a difficult process when car shopping? A relatively high percentage -- 31.8 percent -- of men said they feel like the dealer will always win. While an even higher percentage -- 36.8 -- of women said a similar response. An equal number of women also said they are not sure what a good/fair price should be. The majority of both men (60.6 percent) and women (53.5 percent) said they like to have lots of information that they have researched beforehand. Interestingly, though, 22.4 percent of women also said they try to first focus on the monthly payment, compared to just 8.9 percent of men.
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