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VW Golf R Touch Revealed with New Interface and 3D Gestures 06-01-2014

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Unveiled today at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show is the Golf R Touch Concept car, which features a futuristic looking cabin. This is a quick follow up on this mornings news that highlighted the partnership between VW and QNX for future infotainment systems. golf_r_touch_4499The Golf R Touch has three high-resolution screens, including two touch sensitive ones in the center console. These two operate the infotainment and HVAC controls, while a large screen sits in front of the driver, replacing the usual cluster of gauges. Pretty much all the usual buttons and switches are replaced by the touchscreens. 2015 Consumer Electronics Show Coverage VW is boasting a very fast response time for these screens and they're also customizable, like a smartphone, with different backgrounds. The most important part of the Golf R Touch is its gesture based controls. Instead of touching the screens or controls, you can wave your hands or point your fingers to operate the screen or function. There was even a demo of the driver waving his hand above him to close the sun roof. All of this is done via in-car camera and is designed to reduce the distractions of looking for a button or switch and pressing it. It looks like VW is going ahead with this kind of technology in its future cars, so we'll see how it all works out in the real-world.
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