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2016 Honda HR-V Makes Early Appearance Before LA Debut 18-11-2014

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Honda has rolled out its new HR-V small crossover in front of the iconic Randy's Donuts in Los Angeles, just two days before it makes its official debut at the LA Auto Show. Honda released photos of the HR-V previously but this is the first time we've had an opportunity to see the new crossover up close and personal. Set to be positioned below the CR-V in the Japanese automaker's lineup, the 2016 HR-V is based on the same compact platform as the new 2015 Honda Fit and could even be powered by the same 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine found in the compact hatch. Honda remains tight-lipped on specifications for the 2016 HR-V, but promises that details will be released at this year's LA Auto Show. Check back with for more information on the 2016 Honda HR-V when it officially bows under the lights at the LA Convention Center later this week.
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