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Volvo Develops New 360-Degree Camera Technology 08-10-2014

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A four year project meant to develop new collision avoidance technology is drawing to a close at Volvo and the fruits of that labor have been revealed. The Non-Hit Car and Truck Project has borne Volvo's new 360 degree view technology, which offers a full view around the vehicle through the use of a number of technologies. While this in itself isn't new, Volvo has managed to make cameras, radar, lidar and GPS all communicate with each other to offer a comprehensive look at exactly what is going on around the vehicle. Thanks to this cohesion, the system can perceive any direct threats or potential threats to the vehicle, and instantly develop a collision-free escape route thanks to the new manoeuvre generator. By focusing on using sensors that are currently available, this Volvo project has pushed autonomous technology even closer to production. "Volvo Cars is definitely on the front line when it comes to innovative active safety research and development," said Anders Almevad, Project Manager for the Non-Hit Car Project. "And with the Non-Hit Car and Truck project, we've taken a significant step towards realising the vision that by 2020 no one should be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo car."
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