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Lamborghini Asterion Makes 910 HP, Gets 56 MPG 02-10-2014

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Lamborghini is showing a plug-in hybrid concept car at this year's Paris Motor Show and it's called the Asterion. According to the company, it's built entirely of components and technology in their current toolbox. Yes, if they wanted to, they could release it todays.. It features a plug-in hybrid powertrain with three electric motors and a 5.2-liter V10 engine that send an unbelievable 910 hp to all four wheels. Imagine what would happen if it were a V12 nestled in the engine bay. One of the electric motors sits between the seven-speed dual clutch and the engine while the other two power the front wheels. The 0-60 sprint takes place in three seconds, which is on par with the V12 Aventador. Now get ready to have your mind blown - or maybe to have your BS meter go off - because Lamborghini claims roughly 56 MPG. Of course, that's the combined European test cycle, so keep in mind that American figures would be quite a bit more conservative. But then again, maybe it can manage miraculous mileage because the Asterion can run on electricity alone for up to about 30 miles. You can also let the V10 chip in beside the electric motors, or run on good ol' gasoline. 2014 Paris Motor Show Coverage Now aside from naming its latest concept after a Minotaur, Lamborghini is also calling this thing a "hyper cruiser" meaning it can accelerate like a bat out of hell, but that it really isn't supposed to be track focused. Instead, the driving position is elevated and the body design is supposed to be easier to see out of. It shouldn't come as any surprise that the body is a carbon fiber monocoque that ought to help it save weight although the company hasn't released exact figures. However, one thing is abundantly clear. Lamborghini is on the cusp of following Ferrari, McLaren and Porsche right down the plug-in hybrid rabbit hole in search of increasing performance while satisfying the increasingly strict emissions laws. But before you let out a disappointed sigh, say this out loud a couple of times: 910 horsepower with less C02 guilt.
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